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Miriam Kruishoop, born in the Netherlands, graduated with honors from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Unprecedented Kruishoop won the Citroen Award at the Dutch film festival for best Graduation film, despite the fact she was only in her 3rd year.

She wrote and directed her first feature film Vive Elle when she was in her 4th year, then received a grant from the Dutch Film Foundation to finish the film while she was still in school. This was unheard of as students normally are not allowed to receive film grants.

Miriam directed her 2nd feature with childhood idol Helmut Berger and Thom Hoffman. Kruishoop is the youngest female to have directed a feature film in the Netherlands. She is also the youngest Gouden Kalf nominee for Best Director.

Kruishoop’s films and visual art are mainly character studies of women. Her work talks about internal conflicts, feelings of isolation and restraint and the incapability to communicate. They are studies of emotion.

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Video installations like Unbreakable, Distress and Walk of Shame feature women only, removing the male from the imagery. In the multi-screen video installation Unbreakable we see a woman being hit by a fist that moves in and out of frame. The beating has little effect. The woman remains composed. It reflects the long fight of women slowly but surely strengthening their position in a male dominated society.



MK also works as a writer, screenwriter and photojournalist. Additionally she has directed music videos and commercials and shot ad campaigns.

Wars is a poem from 'Liquid Sunshine', a continuous work that exists of photographs and poetry that she has been compiling over the last 10 years.
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