# I Am Angry Too

Solo Show
Date: 2014

In 2014, well before the #MeToomovement was established, MK created a series of neons called #IAMANGRYTOO.

MK identified a growing sentiment in women, but also in minorities. People feeling marginalized undermined and misunderstood. With a strong desire to express these very simple, direct feelings in direct script. With the growing anti Muslim sentiment, Kruishoop decided to make the neons in both English and Arabic. The works were presented opposite each other, creating a dialogue.

Project Info

In her #ImAngryToo solo exhibition from early 2015, MK tapped into a simmering sentiment well before the #METOO movement. She also created a series of neons of curse words both in Arabic and English playing in on the growing anti Muslim sentiment. She identifies a dialogue and feeling that is prevalent and urgent today.

Download Exhibit Presentation

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